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I am Cristi Schiopu, based in Brussels, and if you are here, it’s very likely that we have something in common: they wish to create something on your own, that has a strong positive impact around us.

The people I coach are a lot like me: between 30 and 40 years old, have worked in corporations for more than 10 years and feel they would like to start something on their own, much more aligned with their calling. For me, this was coaching, for you it may be interior design, creating a course or start a bed & breakfast.

Why is it important to follow your calling?
So that you be 100% aligned between what you feel, what you think, what you do and who you are. It’s that combination that makes you find resources almost effortlessly.

I believe it is important to find your vocation and give it a chance.
It boils down to managing your mind, you beliefs and ideas, to make space for creativity and resources. It’s an unlearn-learn process. And of course, you have to actually do some work to get the results, to be focused and disciplined (don’t worry if you are not here yet). But the place where it all starts is your mind. This is where I can help.

Work with me

Create your personal project

Let’s work together to define your most important goal and journey towards it. We list all the obstacles and come up with strategies to overcome them. You are looking at a beautiful transformation ahead. Learn more about how we can work together.


If you have any questions, get in touch


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The type of coaching I practice is causal coaching: we don’t treat symptoms and I won’t tell you what to do. I’m looking at the root-cause and work there.

The sessions take place on Zoom or in my office in Brussels. If you have any questions about what results to expect and what’s the right formula, we can talk.µ

It’s important to get a feel of what it is like working together, that’s why I offer a free consultation of 20 minutes.


Before the coaching session with Cristi, he told me to come prepared with a specific problem. In this way we can use our time to explore, understand and possibly solve this problem. I had something very concrete in mind that was bothering me recently, so I presented myself armed with a dose of negativity regarding my specific situation. The spirit of self-criticism was also in shape when I started the session. Cristi listened to me calmly, smiled and waited patiently for me to finish the first part – self-flagellation. Then he slowly started asking me questions, referring to the keywords I had used, and helping me navigate to more serene conclusions than the ones I had started with. What Cristi offered me in our time together was a new perspective. An angle from which my perceived failure could be seen as a positive solution, a sign of courage and pragmatism. The session calmed me down. It helped me come to terms with my own decisions. I’m going to come back and see Cristi. It’s a pleasure working with him. He is made for the role of reconciling clients with themselves.

Bianca O.

Interior designer, OprisB Design

Cristi helped me believe that I can change – to replace habits that create discomfort and anxiety and build new ones that make me feel trust and confidence.


Dance & yoga instructor, Connect with joy

A coaching session with Cristi begins with defining the obstacles and the context. Without realizing it, all of a sudden, everything seems much clearer and simpler. After a few “helpful” questions, you wake up at the end of the conversation, not only with an answer, but also with a beginning of a plan for the future. Conversations with Cristi are relaxed, like talking to a friend at the end of the day, but about important things.

Andreia O.

Digital strategist

Cristi is a very enthusiastic coach who mastered the art of asking the right question at the right moment. He is dedicated to others in a way I rarely saw in an individual and he is committed to help clients get the results they are aiming for. He walks the talk and you cannot resist from being inspired by the way he leads his life!

Yayi Samaké

I chose the coaching session with Cristi more out of personal ambition to prove to myself that I already know enough about this field and that I will surely hear things that I have heard in other coaching sessions. For lack of this motivation I wanted to cancel the meeting but …. I’m glad that something inside didn’t let me do that. I talked openly with Cristi about one of the points I want to work on, namely … procrastination. The very natural discussion with Cristi made me understand that yes, the key is with me, but that until now I was applying the wrong model that was not taking me anywhere. Thus, I can strongly say that after one hour I have a clear, simple and adapted model to apply in different situations. I recommend Cristi especially if you want a 100% empathetic and involved coach.

Cristina C

Trainer and translator

The coaching with Cristi allowed me to be more centered and better align my priorities and focus on my professional goals. As a self-employed, putting things in order is a very important and necessary thing. In my domain, this allowed me to be more available for my patients.

Katherine C. Lopéz

Holistic Therapist and Body Psychotherapist

I can highly recommend both Cristi and Iulia to anyone seeking skilled and professional support in creating new possibilities in their lives, whether this be in the professional or personal space. Iulia and Cristi have both taken the time to learn, develop and hone their coaching skills and their foundation is a solid one! I have witnessed the results they can produce first hand.

Gerry Murray

Master Coach and NLP Trainer

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