What happened to the old „follow your gut”?

I strongly advise against not thinking through.

With the exception of 2 cases that come to mind right now:

When taking small or mildly important decisions
We might get up ending swirling around with no end. If it’s a simple problem that affects no one but yourself, go for the gut-feel. Or else you’re losing time. Worst case scenario, you won’t blame yourself for not trusting your instinct.

At the gym
Focus more on getting those moves done correctly and less on the counter, on the time, on the fear, on the „you can’t” voice.

Even in other contexts (change of job, relocation, saying Yes): take into account your instinct. You trained it for … how old are you? Might take the load off. Try it this week and see how it feels.


Photo by Martin Adams on Unsplash

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