Indecisions, second thoughts, doubts… all these are time eaters.
In a recent post, I talked about instinct and how it may guide us better than our conscient mind can, most of the times. Why is that?

Our instinct holds the blueprint of us in the best shape. It wants our best and its purpose is to keep us in our best shape (physically and morally).
It has been trained since we were born. All experience happened in the past (and some would argue, in previous generations also) is stored so that is can serve a purpose later on.

It is very unlikely that we would blame ourselves for not trusting our instinct. It is far more likely to do the other way around.

Doubts kill more time than failure ever will. Heard that somewhere. And think about it.
When in doubt (or when time-pressed), go with your gut.

Would you be willing to do an exercise:
Today is Friday. What has been on your mind since Monday and you couldn’t take a decision? What is your instinct telling you? And how would it be if you’d take one step in that direction?
My guess is you’ll feel relieved the second you’ll take that step. Let me know!


Photo by Quentin Dr on Unsplash

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