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We’re bombarded with distractors inciting us to act now and think later.

Black Friday. The obligation to react. It’s cheaper, must buy.

How can we stop the noise?
First by seeing it as noise. Realizing that the newsletter you get in the email followed by 5 other emails to that free webinar and the special offer to buy, is not really a personalized offer to you, the unique soul that found this wonderful opportunity. Nothing against newsletters, don’t get me wrong.

We’re surrounded by noise that we don’t identify as noise. And when we finally hear the music, our ears and minds are tired and might choose to dismiss.

Dismiss the noise instead.

Choose to :
* Unsubscribe.
* Log out.
* Breathe.
* Zoom out
* Meditate.

Think now. Buy later. It will still be there if it’s valuable.


Photo by Malte Wingen on Unsplash

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