It’s mid-December when I write this post and, in the world I know, we start to think of what presents we could offer for Christmas to our loved ones.

I want to suggest that our gifts to friends and family should have the following qualities:
– they should be personalized
– they should be meaningful
– they should bring joy in the present moment and in the moments thinking back on it

And instead of looking for that gift in objects that are mass-produced and sold in stores that you’d probably want to avoid on a Saturday afternoon right before the holidays, how about searching for that gift elsewhere.

I deleted an entire paragraph that followed here because I want to pause and let everyone who has reached to this point, decide what „elsewhere” could be.

This brings me to one of my favourite quotes, paraphrased „Success is in how many shining eyes I have around me”.


Photo by Michal Janek on Unsplash

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