Breaking News: Soft Skills are the gap the employees in IT in America still have to bridge. Says the Linkedin boss.

OK, it is not breaking.

It never was.

And dare I say : it’s not only IT. And it’s not only in the United States.

I’m still puzzled why we don’t learn soft skills in school, but maybe it is because it is not a science. Should we do a stretch and consider it under “arts and crafts”? Or “life matters”…

How to debate
How to learn
How to listen
How to analyse
How to disagree
How to make your point
How to handle multiple perspectives
How to present yourself
How to have an awesome job interview
How to sell
How to interpret the non-verbal

I think we do acquire soft skills but indirectly, by modelling our good teachers/peers. IF we have the chance to have teachers or family displaying admirable soft skills.

In the meantime, if you think you’re not presenting yourself or communicating your thoughts in the best way possible, give us a shout. Soft skills are what we do.


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