Where do I buy my coffee from?

There are 2 places that make exceptionally good coffee on my way to work.
And there’s a guy coming every Tuesday with a coffee cart, he listens to good loud-ish indie music and he hums along. He suggests also what I should try as the next flavor (I like my coffee “spoiled”, sorry). And it’s always service with a smile.

Where do you think I buy my coffee from, on Tuesdays? Even when I’m not feeling like having coffee?

If you are a service provider, there are probably thousands of “you”s around. What will make people choose you, is You. What do you deliver that makes them come back?

In a sea of (insert occupation here), people connect with the person.

Do you smile? If it’s not in your genes, that’s fine, practice it and mean it!
Do you deliver more than you promise?
Do you send them the message that they’re your honored guests?


Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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