“What the educator does in teaching is to make it possible for the students to become themselves.”

Paulo Freire

Iulia Schiopu

I am Iulia Schiopu and I provide consultancy, coaching and mentoring in the Education field.

  • I have been working with children with learning difficulties for over 10 years.
  • I have been working in the European School system in the last 8 years.
  • I have been providing support to parents and teachers on the topics of inclusion and special needs since the beginning of my career.

I am always interested to perfect my skills and be up to date with what provides a better learning experience for children with special needs and children in general.

I am a Master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
I use Gestion Mentale (Mental Management) strategies.

Coaching parents, teachers and organisations

Trainings and workshops on education related matters

Mentorship on special educational needs for parents and teachers

Speech therapy to SEN children

Learning strategies for SEN children

Performance coaching

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Learning how to learn

We’re working with you one to one or in groups so that you become aware of and improve all strategies around the learning process


+32 476 062 059

Sessions in English and French.
Call me and let’s see how I can best assist.
My practice office is located in Central Brussels and I’m also available for sessions online.

“Education is an act of love and thus, an act of courage.”
Paulo Freire


I am very pleased about my son’s evolution during the months that he was guided by Iulia. Iulia is the almost perfect combination between attention, warmth, tenderness, patience and firmness. Lessons are interesting and
they help the little ones to get past the few moments of shyness that they go through. I recommend her strongly to all parents who believe the speech therapy help their children integrate better in the environment they are in. Thank you, Iulia, for being part of our life. Meeting you not only helped my son, but also me, giving me enough strength to be able to better manage some moments in my life as a mom.

Roxana B.

You helped my daughter in 2014 when she was in difficulty in school. She passed her final exams (BAC) last year and just finished her first exams at the university of architecture. I wanted to thank you for your approach which put her in confidence, your tips and your support with an evaluation and setup of a method adapted to her needs. I am convinced you made a difference not only in the beginning but one which will last in time.

Aude van Lidth de Jeude

parent of a pupil we worked with

After 10 months of private courses with Mrs. Schiopu I reached an equivalent level of French to my classmates and felt confident with my participation in class. Her motivation and positivity as well as her professionalism encouraged me to make more efforts and learn during these months what others have learned in several years. I strongly recommend her as a tutor.

Gabi B.

I can highly recommend both Cristi and Iulia to anyone seeking skilled and professional support in creating new possibilities in their lives, whether this be in the professional or personal space. Iulia and Cristi have both taken the time to learn, develop and hone their coaching skills and their foundation is a solid one! I have witnessed the results they can produce first hand.

Gerry Murray

Master Coach and NLP Trainer

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